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T-shirt trends 2018

2018 has been a big year in the world of t-shirt design and I’m sure there’s more to come! I’m here to take you on a design journey as we look at some of the big t-shirt trends of 2018 so far.

Animal print

Animal print has made a huge impact in fashion this year, with wild patterns covering every garment imaginable. To be honest the high street could be mistaken for a zoo at times. Leopard print has taken centre stage as whole t-shirts have been covered with this popular print. The tiger has also made an appearance making bold and fierce prints. I think it’s safe to say cats are the theme. The deep orange, browns and blacks have given the printed tee a moody makeover in 2018.


Talking tees

Creative typography is an unmissable trend this year. Tee’s have been plastered with loud, brave messages in all shapes and colours. I love that a plain old t-shirt has become a canvas to speak your mind. Now we can show off our personality, style and voice without saying a word! Tee’s most definitely have a voice of their own this year and we love it!



With the rise of the unicorn trend, came the holographic craze. Colourful, glittery, iridescent designs have added a pop to our wardrobes in 2018. You can find text, logos, images… you name it, combined with holographic vinyl and print. Personally, I think it looks fab! But if you look too long your eyes do go a bit funny.



Finally, geometric tees have added some structure to the high street this year. Detailed objects have been simplified into just a few lines to create some of the most effective designs. We’ve seen clean lines, sharp edges and symmetry flying off the rails all year. I definitely think geometry is here to stay!

Summing up the tee

So there you have four of our favourite t-shirt trends for 2018 so far. Got your own clothing brand or just want to create your own trendy tee? Why not check out our huge range of contemporary t-shirts. As for what the rest of 2018 holds, who knows?

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