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Stand Out From The Crowd in 2016 – Personalised Clothing

Christmas is just round the corner, we’ve got our tree up, a bit of Wham on the radio and sweets and chocolate aplenty. The Black Friday madness is over and our production team are at full tilt with all of your pre-Christmas orders. As a team we’re now looking ahead to how we can make your organisation’s personalised clothing stand out next year.

If I said to you we can provide in-house embroidery and screen printing at capacities that turn out 1000’s of garments a day, you may go ‘ok that’s great, but what else can you offer me to make my organisation stand out?’

If you keep up to date with Banana Moon you’ll know our passion is to always keep adding new features and options to our brilliant website. So, our R&D department have been working overtime at BM Mission Control to develop some exciting new features for your clothing orders.

This includes things like:

Monogram letters at Banana Moon

  • Glitters – Have your text in a glitter font
  • Sparkle – A crazy holographic print effect
  • Flocks – Lovely soft feel felt fabric that you won’t be able to resist touching
  • Brick 3D – My personal favourite – A raised 3D print finish

These can be ordered online NOW in our amazing personalisation process. Just choose the finish you want and we’ll do the rest.

Not sure how this might work for you? Email us and our creative team will come up with some ideas.

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