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Stag and hen parties: A British tradition we cannot do without?

Ah, stag and hen parties, long woven into British culture as the only way to enter wedded matrimony in style. The traditional last night of freedom has snowballed over the years, transforming itself from a get-together down the local pub to events far bigger and ultimately more expensive.

Take a nation that loves any excuse for a party, add in the be-there-or-be-square feeling and hey presto, you’ve got a stag or hen party you simply cannot say no to. But is it all worth it?


How much?
In our recent survey that gauged the British public’s attitude about stag and hen parties, 28% of Brits admitted to spending more money attending their friends’ parties than they did on their own holidays! Our research showed that the average cost of attending a stag or hen party nowadays comes to a total of £507.

  • £109 travel
  • £90 accommodation
  • £75 alcohol
  • £50 clothes
  • £63 activities
  • £57 food
  • £63 pre-wedding gifts

A figure far removed from the cost of an evening down the local ahead of an early night before the big day, the increasing cost of stag and hen parties causes worry in four out of five of the UK adults (80%) we surveyed. This isn’t forgetting that in many peoples’ late twenties and early thirties, multiple stag and hen parties can take place within the space of a single year!

Ah, go on then!
With Hollywood blockbusters like The Hangover and Bridesmaids having only served to popularise lavish stag and hen parties, it’s often the case that each friends’ party tries to outdo another, only increasing the cost further. Despite the UK’s concern over cost, bailing on a friends’ stag or hen party still appears to be the ultimate sin, however. Over half (55%) of respondents claimed that parties are an essential piece of the overall wedding experience.

Whether you feel pressured to attend a stag or hen party or not, most of the time a mid-year trip to Las Vegas, weekend in Barcelona or long overdue get-together with friends is ultimately a fun and exciting idea. And at the end of the day, can you really blame each and every one of your friends for wanting to go big on their own special day?

Quality time
At a time when stag and hen celebrations are becoming more and more extravagant, it’s important to remember the exact reason why we choose to spend our hard-earned cash – great times and plenty of them!

It’s all about spending time with those you hold dear, offering your support and excitement in the lead up to a wedding. After all, 32% of those polled claimed they had a better time attending their friends’ stag or hen party than the actual wedding itself. It would still appear that for many people, shelling out on good times and good company is an investment worth making.

Stick to a game plan
Although stag and hen parties have undoubtedly become bigger over the years, this doesn’t mean they necessarily have to cost the earth. All of the stag and hen party items listed above can be attained at sensible prices, should you stick to a game plan.

If your friend has been so kind to announce the date of their party with plenty of notice, book accommodation right away for cheaper rates. The same goes for travel. What’s more, if there is a theme or particular dress code, get amazing prices on personalised clothing here at Banana Moon.

Stocking a huge collection of men’s and women’s clothing that can be embroidered and tailored to your event, you’ll soon find that the cost of your next stag or hen party isn’t as much as you first imagined!


If you’re looking to order personalised clothing for your next stag or hen party, talk with a member of helpful customer service team by getting in touch today.

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