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The Importance of the Slogan T-Shirt

There isn’t a great deal that links George Michael, Mario Balotelli and Napoleon Dynamite but they all showed how clothing can speak for itself. The clothes we wear are, by default, a depiction of our identity and speak volumes about our character – but printed slogans are a much more literal way to allow our thought processes to become apparent.

Michael’s famous ‘Choose Life’ and ‘Wham’ t-shirts, former Manchester City maverick Balotelli’s ‘Why Always Me’ taunt to Manchester United supporters and Dynamite’s albeit fictitious campaign to elect friend Pedro as class president are all iconic examples.

Examples of how it’s possible to walk into a room, say nothing, and be heard – simply through the medium of clothing. Of course, the aforementioned instances are all in the popular media, where egos run free and where cameras are ever-present.

But that concept can be easily transferred into everyday life, where passers-by can be given a snapshot of who we are through a collection of words. The realms of possibility are endless, for a business the garment could be used to canvas themselves to the local public.

How many times have we been distracted by the countless Eddie Stobart lorries hurling down the motorway on our travels? Passing a person wearing a t-shirt is no different, see it as an advertising board, but one that talks and promotes a business in a holistic way.

Beyond commercial use, understanding the journey of the slogan t-shirt widens its place in the clothing market. In the embryonic stage of the slogan t-shirt, Disney-enthused tees were the monopoly, before two decades later a seismic cultural shift occurred, as politically driven slogans on t-shirts became commonplace in society.

Which brings us to the present day, everywhere we go there are fewer and fewer plain garments, where fewer opportunities to present our ideas are unused. The simple t-shirt has evolved with printing technology as a means to say more. A quick Google search of the term “Slogan T-shirt” conjures up an intriguing gallery of modern twists one a once political device.

“This Girl Needs Prosecco” stands as a personal favourite while the “Your Text” tee some pages below shows how we have reached a time where even the absurd is acceptable, where almost everything is worth saying. So, whatever it is, bring your message to life.



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