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Seven ground rules for borrowing clothes

We’ve all woken up in the morning and had a panic over not knowing what to wear at some point in our lives and many of us will have spent hours deliberating over which outfit to wear for a special occasion.

Luckily, borrowing clothes from a friend or family member presents an excellent solution – especially if the shops are closed and you’re running out of options. In fact, we’re a nation of borrowers – with over 60% of people revealing they’ve borrowed an item of clothing before in our recent survey, with an average of four items of clothing being borrowed per person in a 12-month period!

If you’re going to try on someone else’s wardrobe though, it’s important to stick to some basic rules. Swapping clothes can be delicate business, and nobody wants to fall out over a lost t-shirt or a ruined party dress!

Always ask, even if you’ve borrowed it before

First thing’s first, always ask. It doesn’t matter if you plan on borrowing clothes from your brother, best friend or new roommate, getting permission is the number one rule. Even if you’ve worn the exact same outfit before, you never know if the owner will want to wear it at the same time.

Avoid borrowing something brand new

If it has a tag on it, step away. Borrowed clothes should never be brand new, and it should go without saying that the person that has handed over their cash for an item should get to wear it first!

Don’t be afraid to say no

This is a rule for the lenders out there – if someone asks to borrow an item, don’t feel like you can’t say no.

While it can be a little awkward, you have every right to refuse if someone asks to wear your clothes – particularly if its special and irreplaceable. You could always offer an alternative if you don’t have an attachment to another piece of clothing though!

Wash it before you return it

Whether you’ve used an item for five minutes or five hours, always clean clothing you’ve borrowed before returning it. Nobody wants to deal with messy wine stains or unusual smells that aren’t theirs, and you’ll probably ruin your chances of borrowing anything again from that person if you don’t return things fresh!

Take responsibility

Ruined a suit or ripped a dress? Be honest, and let your friend know as soon as possible. If you can, replace the item immediately. If it was one of a kind however, apologise (a lot) and ask your friend what you can buy them instead to make up for your blunder.

To avoid clothing-related disasters, be mindful. Avoid anything that could potentially ruin a piece of clothing to be on the safe side. Your best bet is to ditch the red wine, be careful if you’re eating something messy and don’t use products like fake tan to prevent serious stains. Accidents do happen though, which lenders should be aware of before giving away an item.

Be timely

Astonishingly, almost 10% of sinful borrowers kept an item of clothing that didn’t belong to them for over a year, before returning it to its rightful owner. Don’t adopt someone else’s clothing into your own wardrobe – once its washed, return it asap!

Say thanks

Borrowing clothes can end up saving you a lot of money, and it’s a great way to try on a new look for free. It’s always nice to show you appreciate someone’s kindness, so make sure you say thanks. You could even buy the lender something small, even if it’s a cup of coffee after work or some chocolates – it’ll be much cheaper than if you bought a new bag or pair of jeans yourself too!

Make sure you never fall foul of a bad borrower, by adding a personal touch to your clothing so you know exactly what’s yours. Here at Banana Moon, we’re experts at customising clothing – just take a look at what we can do over on our website!

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