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Selected Brand Price Changes – July 2015

It’s the dreaded message we await at this time of year – Price Increases! Since the cotton crisis of 2009-2010 we have been very lucky in that prices from the brands have remained at the same level for a number of years. However this year we have had some small increases from some of our key brands.

The reason for this? We’ll it’s not cotton this time but currency. The dollar is strong at the moment. The brands book their currency in advance so in the middle of  year this currency now needs replenishing to purchase stock for the rest of the year. With the dollar strong against the pound, this means the brands are getting less for their money and production at the factories is costing more. Inevitably they pass this on to their distributors and this then hits us.

As we sell so many hoodies, one of the brands we didn’t want to see an increase from was hoodie specialist AWDis. However, they have had to put their prices up this month. Don’t worry too much though as they are fairly minimal (we are talking pence rather than pounds) so you will still find this brand very competitively priced.

Other brands to have had small increases are Gildan, Kariban, Nike, Premier and Regatta.


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