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Save Hamish & Dougal

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stroke some of the loveable Highland cattle like some of those pictured on the right? Well in the Cape of Cornwall reside two such animals named Hamish and Dougal.

Hamish and Dougal are actually reared to be slaughtered later in this year, but every tourist and local who visits the area gets to know them so well, you can actually go up and stroke them as they are very friendly towards humans. They even prod you when they want more affection. It seems so sad that two brilliant personalities such as this would be slaughtered.

Heidi Stephenson at VIVA contacted the farmer of the cattle and managed to secure their futures if she could cover the costs the farmer would normally receive. A target figure of £2,500 was set to buy Hamish and Dougal and cover the costs of transporting them to the safe home of the Hillside Animal Sanctuary. We at Banana Moon made a sizeable donation yesterday and coincided with the success of reaching the target last night. This is not the end though, because Hamish and Dougal along with many other animals need further care which all needs to be funded, so more donations are needed.

Hamish and Dougal have now been saved and will be moved up to their new home in September for a happy new life.

If you wish to visit and/or donate to the VIVA cause then please click here to read more about Hamish and Dougal and their story!

If you want to take a look at their new home at Hillside then please click here

We wish Hamish and Dougal all the very best in their new home!