Running Club Name Generator

Running Club Name Generator

Here in the UK we are lucky that there are so many brilliant running clubs. From the Pudsey Pacers to the Clapham Chasers, almost every town and every city has its own unique brand, style and approach to the sport, and we think it’s fantastic.

Think you’d like to set up your own club? Feel you could rival the best but find yourself struggling to come up a witty name? Fear not. Banana Moon have got your back.

Thanks to our awesome running club name generator, finding a name for your club has never been easier. To find yours, simply write down the name of your current location, follow the rules for column 2 and 3, stitch-um together and hey presto! You’ve created yourself a name.

1. Example of a UK town 2. First Letter of your home town 3. First letter of your surname
Accrington’s Accelerating Aces
Burnley’s Bullet-like Brave Hearts
Camden’s Crackerjack Cagoules
Dover’s Dead Quick Dirty Shirts
Exeter’s Everlasting Eastenders
Fife’s Furious Fun Runs
Gretna’s Galloping Go Go Gos
Harrogate’s Hurdling Hot Shots
Islington’s Icy Ice runners
Johnston’s Jogging Jaguars
Kidderminster’s Krazy Killers
Leeds’ Leaping Legends
Middleton’s Meandering Moochers
Northern Ireland’s North Facing Ne’er-do-wells
Oxford’s Oh-so amazing Over the toppers
Ponty’s Pacing Prancers
Queen’s Park Quick Quicktimers
Rosehill’s Running Roamers
Salisbury’s Steady Sprinters
Tooting’s Trudging Trailblazers
Uttoxeter’s Unstoppable Unstoppables
Victoria’s Vanishing Velocity
Wrexham’s Winding Wind and Rainers
King’s X’s X-otic X-caliburs
Yeovil’s Yogging Yahoos
Zennor’s Zooming Zoomers

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