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Printed T-shirts produced for the ‘Be Proud of Birstall’ Campaign

Be Proud of BirstallBanana Moon recently produced printed t-shirts for a local campaign to re-invigorate Birstall’s shopping centre. Shop owners in the town have struggled since the recession and coupled with the growth of the area as a commercial shopping hub for retail chains, things have been difficult. The ‘Be Proud of Birstall’ campaign is an initiative which invites people to shop locally to help stimulate the local economy again.

For those who don’t know Birstall is a bit of a rarity in Great Britain. It is one of the few places to still hold a weekly market in its Victorian market place in the middle of the shopping centre. It is a small town in the huge, bustling areas of Leeds and Bradford in West Yorkshire. The shopping centre boasts a large variety of shops selling expertly produced goods.

Here is a photograph which was published in the local newspaper featuring all of the shop owner’s proudly displaying their printed t-shirts. There’s me at the back in the Banana Moon Polo Shirt!

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