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Personalised Sweatpants – The Next Big Thing

Sweatpants or jogging bottoms as they are sometimes known, have become very popular again. Especially personalised sweatpants and personalised jogging bottoms. After recently completing four years at university I was as well placed as anyone to see their resurgence amongst students. Now, people will automatically look at the stereotype of the ‘lazy’ students with these ‘lazy’ bottoms but that’s why they are absolutely perfect for students! Gone are the days when wearing stripy Adidas tracksuit bottoms are acceptable outside the home, so it’s now sweatpants offering an alternative of a fashionable item to wear in or out of the house.

The growth of the hugely popular student retail brands, Abercrombie and Fitch and also Jack Wills has been a great influence on making sweat pants fashionable and even acceptable again. Let’s not forget the original connotations of the prison issue sweatpants and the body builder’s sweatpants used for working out. The personalised clothing industry is only now starting to realise the potential of sweat pants and Banana Moon have acted quickly to improve our range further with American Apparel’s stylish products for Men’s/Unisex Sweats and Lady Fit Relaxe Pants.

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