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Personalised Pocket Squares/Handkerchiefs from Banana Moon


View Pocket Squares in cotton and silk here:

If you like to dress smart, pocket squares are back in fashion in a big way! They add that finishing touch to your suit or jacket. Many people co-ordinate them with their ties or just wear as wacky a design as possible.

At Banana Moon we have discovered a way of personalising them with the print of your choosing. The print can vary from a small logo in the corner to a full design repeated over and over to create a polka dot effect.

We can even print over the edges so it actually looks like you have had some material made with your company logo and then had the pocket squares cut to measure. Or like the below first test we did, we can stop at the edges.

Below is a test print we did. Excuse the photo, it was mainly to zoom in on the quality of print. It shows circles of 1cm, 2cm and 3cm to give you an idea of the kind of detail you could get into your logo. You can also see how sharp the print looks.

We even did a wash test on it just to make sure and the colour never moved.

Our printed pocket square by Banana Moon

For the printing we used our latest technology Direct to Garment (DTG) which prints a 1 colour print as easily as a multi colour print and really works perfectly on these white base personalised pocket squares. For around £10 you can have your very own custom pocket handkerchiefs made.

Due to the production we start at minimum orders of 20 with prices offering significant quantity discounts on up to 500+

Check out our range on the website here

By Alex Grace

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