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Personalised Performance T-shirts – AWDis not ‘Just Hoods’ anymore

JC001 Cool T from Banana MoonPeople both inside and outside of the personalised clothing industry are becoming au fait with the brand AWDis. Also know as ‘Just Hoods’, the brand name actually stands for All We Do is Hoodies. With it’s great range of stylish hoodies for adults, ladies and children, it has quickly become one of the leading hoodie brands.

Well now, AWDisn’t Just Hoods. Banana Moon are really pleased to offer the latest brand spin off ‘Just Cool’ from January 2011. This is a brand new performance brand drawing from all of the top characteristics that have made the AWDis hoodie brand our bestselling garment. These characteristics are affordability, quality contemporary design and a fantatsic colour range!

The personalised performance wear market has been earmarked as the next big thing to happen to the industry for the last few years, but price has been a big barrier to it’s success. From the customer’s point of view, is it worth paying £5 more over a standard cotton shirt? The Just Cool range has managed to enter the market at a very competitive pricepoint. Take the JC001 : Cool T (comes in 30 colours) which 20 quantity can have a 1 colour premium print from £6.75 + vat (with no setups)

The other parts of the ‘Just Cool’ range include the JC007 Cool Vest (15 Colours) and the JC040 Cool Polo (15 colours)

We have already recived some very large online orders for the garments in the short time they have been on our site, and we wanted to spread the word further. We think this is going to be one of the most popular items in 2011 and hopefully you can see why. If you would like more information, such as quotes or to see a sample please contact sales@bananamoon.co.uk or give us a call on 01924 420022.

Our new 2011 brochures are also available, so contact us to receive a free copy.

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