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Personalised Hoodies – Remember the good times

Whether you are at university or part of a sporting team, have a stag/ hen do planned or are just part of a great set of mates everyone enjoys being part of a group, team or establishment that they are proud of, and what’s more they enjoy showing others that they belong. Many show this by wearing personalised hoodies, and they then have something to keep of sentimental value to remember the good times.


When returning home for holidays when I was at university, many of my friends had personalised hoodies with the logo of their university at a nickname on the reverse. It’s strange how everyone thinks their university is the best, and it is clear to see that my friends and many others are proud to be associated with their respective universities. I suppose university hoodies are so popular because they are comfortable and practical for the needs of students, and of course are not too expensive!


When training, travelling to fixtures and before games, wearing hoodies over sports kits is practical and many teams enjoy the chance to wear personalised hoodies to show their closeness with their teammates.


Going on holiday with a bunch of mates can be great fun and ordering personalised hoodies to turn up in at the airport can be a good laugh. Again, having something to remember a holiday with your friends is great to have. In my experience having nicknames on your hoodies seems to bring any group closer together whatever the situation.

These are just a few uses for personalised hoodies but for the practicality they offer, for relatively low prices, whilst later leaving you with good memories I will always enjoy using customised hoodies to bring my teammates and friends closer together but ultimately to remember the good times and to add to the fun we have together.

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