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Personalised HM Forces Performance T-Shirts – The KS017 By Kariban Sport

Banana Moon’s most popular T-shirt for many years has been the SS28M – Valueweight T-shirt by Fruit of Loom. One of the main reasons for this is obviously the great price. Other reasons are the colour range and the fact it comes in Classic Olive and Khaki which are the forces equivalents of Military Green and Desert Sand.

However, in the age where skins, base layer and performance clothing are becoming the next big thing, Kariban Sport has introduced both Military Green and Desert Sand in the excellent garment the KS017 Sport T-shirt. This is one of our best performance products due to its styling and great price. It is set to become and even bigger hit in the next few years as the Forces colours in it become more widely known. We have many requests every day from Forces customers based in the hot climes of Afghanistan and Iraq who want something they can wear which is designed for an active lifestyle and helping to control body temperature. It’s also pretty good for those active Forces personnel in the not so sunny United Kingdom.

The KS017 Sport T-shirt is ideal for personalised forces T-shirts as it can be personalised with great results. The picture below is of a job we recently did for an Athletics Club visiting Mallorca; on the close up shots one can see the quality and fit of the T-shirt and the porous feel of the easy dry fabric:

KS017 Personalised Forces Perfomance T-shirt by Banana Moon

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