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Personalised Clothing – The End to Cheap Clothing

Clothing prices set to riseI read the front page of the Daily Express the other day, reporting on the end to cheap clothing. Various natural disasters around the world have contributed to a marked rise in the price of cotton. Over recent years people have become accustomed to paying very low prices for decent quality high street clothing from the likes of Primark, H & M and Topshop. This has without doubt seen a knock on effect in our personalised and promotional clothing industry.

At one time, the average price for a simple embroidered t-shirt was around £6 and the price for an avarage polo shirt was £8. Undoubtedly the expectancy of price has reduced by about one pound from this. The market is extremely competitive and many companies were doing ridiculous offers just to keep the work coming in during the recession.

The devastating floods in Pakistan and China have caused the costs of cotton spiral so much so, that Primark are announcing that their reign as cheap clothing suppliers will need to be tempered down.

So what does this mean for the UK personalised clothing industry? Well it means that customers will need to become more realistic in the costs of personalised clothing. Banana Moon has already held off the price increases from it’s suppliers in recent months, and we are still very much trying to keep our prices fair in a time of instability, and many customer’s won’t notice a huge change. If you do need to confirm quotes with us however, please give Alex or Paul a call on 01924 420022 or email sales@bananamoon.co.uk

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