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Personalised Baseball/Varsity Jackets from Banana Moon

The famous varsity jacket takes its origins from American College Sports. The traditional ‘letterman’ as they are known, is used to signify an athlete’s involvement in a sporting team, with letters being applied to the jacket related to sports team representation and also for any awards they may achieve.

The jackets are distinctive in appearance and were originally designed in each school’s own colours. The main features often include different coloured sleeves to the main body, banded cuffs and distinctive collar. They are usually personalised through stitch on large appliqué letters.

At Banana Moon, we began to notice the increase in demand for high-street versions of the Varsity Jacket and we have even heard about Topshop versions being completely sold out and other shops having waiting lists for new stock. Not to mention the increasing amount of musical celebrities wearing these frequently such as Rihanna, Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and One Direction.

With 2012 being a huge year for Great British sport and ultimately pushing the UK fashion designers into ‘sports luxe’ ranges, we decided that we should add some to our range. Hoodies have been very popular for years and will continue to be, however we wanted to offer a different option to those people looking for something unique. Imagine having one of these jackets as your leaver’s memento? Or getting a personalised varsity jacket for your school/college team or society? You can add your embroidered logo to the left breast, printed text/nicknames to the back or even go for the authentic varsity look and get the big stitched letters on your jacket.

We have a number of options of the baseball jacket on our website including the JN567 Hooded Baseball Jacket from quality sports outfitter James and Nicholson. Or try the Hooded Baseball Jacket SF512 from SkinniFit for Men. There is also a new designed varsity jacket coming from Hoodie specialists Cottonridge very soon, so we will keep you updated.

If you would like prices on any of these options please email sales@bananamoon.co.uk