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This week has seen the release of the National Statistics for Britain. 

It seems that the UK is experiencing the biggest Baby Boom in 40 years!

According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics), last year saw the most babies born since 1972. In all 813,200 births were recorded helping to contribute to the growth of the population bringing the total number to 63.7 million. This means that the UK has had the biggest growth of any country in Europe over the year and is now the third largest EU nation behind Germany and France.

One born every minute! Not anymore!  It’s now one and a half born every minute! The popular factual Channel 4 programme (popular among the ladies of the Banana Moon office anyway!) about child birth will have to change its name!

If you think about it I bet you know of at least 3 people either friends or family that have had a baby in the last year?  I know of at least 8 babies that are included in this year’s national stats!

Having a baby seems not only to be for the average member of the public during the last year but celebrities too!

Here are to name but a few that have become parents within the last 12 months…

Jay-Z, Katie Price and of course the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge- who had the future British King – George Alexander Louis.Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Adele, Rochelle and Marvin Hume, Fearne Cotton, Sienna Miller, Peaches Geldof, Robbie Williams, Beyoncé and

Research shows that the name that parents give their baby can affect the child’s whole future. Today’s expectant parents are now under pressure to look for more unique names, unusual spellings or names that reflect their interests, politics, ideals or creativity, compared to the previous generations that used the easy practices of naming the child after family members! 

The above ‘trendy’ celebrities above are no different and have named their off spring some weird and wonderful names.. for example North (West), Angelo, Theodora, Astala, Blue Ivy and today Katie Price has named her newly born Son Jett Rivieria!

So far in 2013 there are some new entries into the Top 40 UK boys and girls popular names list.  Name trends are starting to show signs to perhaps a change in social attitudes. For girls ‘Evergreen’ names such as Olivia, Charlotte, Jessica, Chloe and Sophie  are still popular but ‘Grandparent’ names such as Beatrice, Evelyn, Florence and Scarlett are making a comeback. For boys, old favourites’ such as James, Oliver, Alfie and Harry are all in the top 10 along with traditional royal names, such as William and Charlie or Charles, but names once deemed ‘posh’ and for the upper class such as  Sebastian, Toby and Jasper are proving to be strong favourites’ amongst new parents.

Maybe to be a trend setter during 2013 the ‘old-fashioned,’ traditional route is the way to go?

 More celebs have announced their impending parental status in the last few months! I wonder what Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, Kate Winslet, Michael Bublé, Caprice, Nadine Coyle and of course Simon Cowell will call their expectant children? For the sake of their children I hope this new trend of traditional names remain as I myself am a traditional girl with boys with traditional family names!

Whether it is a traditional, unusual or unique name chosen by you, your family member or friend  for their little one, Banana Moon Workshop have a fantastic range of Baby and Toddler items that can be personalised with the Baby’s name, Date of Birth and weight or whatever your choice in either Print or Embroidery. Take a look they make a fabulous keepsakes for both the parent and child!

It is suggested by some that this years Baby Boom is due to the The Royal baby, the Jubliee, the London Olympics and the book 50 Shades of Grey , whatever the reason it seems there is no signs of it slowing down! Babies in Britain are Booming!

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