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National Apprenticeships Week 2013

Banana Moon ApprenticesLast week Banana Moon was very proud to represent Yorkshire for the National Apprenticeship Week 2013.

The theme was #madebyapprentices  – A social media campaign to showcase actual work produced by apprentices. The idea is that apprentices sign a piece of work they have worked to create. They can then share these images on Twitter of Facebook using the hashtags #madebyapprentices and #NAW2013

We had a professional photo shoot last week and representatives from the apprenticeship scheme came down to our factory to meet the apprentices and learn more about their roles within Banana Moon. The photos now go forward to represent Yorkshire in the National Exhibition.

At Banana Moon, we have 3 apprentices working in each of our departments. On the right is an image from the photo shoot as a printed t-shirt was coming off its final process on one of the screen printing carousels.

Beth (right) joined us to work in the design team and has now been with us nearly 12 months. Jemma (centre) has been with us nearly as long and works in the embroidery team. Oliver (left) is our latest recruit and he is working in our brand new printing department.

The wonderful thing about the apprenticeship scheme is the educational side given to each student on-site. The education is given regularly and it get’s the students up to speed with their general learning, health and safety and analysing and improving their job learning.

Each apprentice has joined us as a quiet young person venturing into the world of work and it’s remarkable to see the change in them over the year not only in their work but in their development as a person.

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