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My Perfect School Leavers Hoodie

My Perfect School Leavers Hoodie by Banana Moon

It’s coming to that time of year again where we are inundated by school leavers hoodies orders. We love doing personalised leavers hoodies at Banana Moon because they bring a bit of colour into our lives. It’s so interesting to see the different take each pupil/student has on creating that perfect memento for their classmates.

Some go for a mix of wacky hoodie colours. Some go for their school colours. Some keep it low key and simple – knowing that in a few years they’ll probably still be wearing them, remembering the gold old days. 

I’m getting old…I’m 27 now and I still look back on those school and university days as my best days. I miss those friends I have lost contact with and shouldn’t have. I thrive on catching up with my good friends and reminiscing. Shameful as it is to say, but we never did a leavers hoodie at school. It probably came just a little too early before the trend really took off. I wish we had done one though. I certainly acquired enough kit at university to last me a lifetime. I still wear it now, to the gym or to football training.

If we had done leavers hoodies, I think I would have gone for something like the above. Now believe me, I’ve seen thousands and thousand of these hoodies go through our factory. All of which mean so much to the recipients in their own special way. This is why there is no right or wrong way. But if I had my time again, I would keep it simple I think.

I really like the contrast hoodies in our range, I think they add so much more interest to the hoodies at not much extra cost. For this I have gone for the JH003 Varsity hoodie in french navy – sky blue. I would go for the school/college/uni crest embroidered left breast…that’s how it should be…tradition. Then I would get a names in year print for the back with everyone’s names in. It’s been done a lot but it’s a classic and I think it looks brilliant.

Finally I’d go for the individual printed names down the arm. I love the way this looks, it just brightens up a part of the hoodie which is normally left plain. It also balances the hoodie personalisation out well…front, back and sleeves.

And that’s it. Nice, simple and effective.

If you wish to start designing your own leavers clothing we have a dedicated collection here with more than just hoodies in

by Alex Grace

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