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Mini-Marketeers or Exploitation?

I read an alarming article recently stating how children as young as seven are being used by branding agencies to mention brands such as Fanta and Lady Gaga on social networking sites.

Some children are being paid around £25 a week to do this, which I find hugely disturbing that marketing agencies have now exhausted every single selling angle that it now focuses on manipulating the way children interact with their peers in what is ‘supposed’ to be a safe social environment for fun and entertainment. Is there no way people can just stick to more conventional methods of marketing or do we have to stoop so low to commercialise every aspect of people’s lives? One might argue that this is one of the key features of Social Networking media and its large success worldwide is based around its ability to be easily commercialised. Or is it really any different from me updating our Banana Moon Facebook and Banana Moon Twitter feeds advertising our services?

Perhaps we at Banana Moon are too morally conscious to ask a 12 year old to put his Facebook status as ‘Banana Moonz hoodies r da best!’ However, we are proud that we do receive a lot of testimonials from happy customers expressing their thanks for our embroidery and print quality. We also know that some of our customers have discussed our personalised hoodie service on internet forums and social media, which has been great for spreading the word about our personalised clothing.

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