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Liven Up Your Mates Stag Party With Printed T-shirts

If you happen to be best man for your mates wedding well firstly good luck to you. Secondly you are going to have to think about the ever looming stag do, what are you going to do for it? When are you going to do it? How many people are you going to invite? Do you invite that guy you all used to know from school but is now a convicted felon and has a tendency to get a bit violent when he’s been drinking? All these questions need answering at some stage and so you will need to get your thinking cap on!

One idea which is becoming ever more popular is having printed t-shirts for stag do’s and hen dos. Now this is a great idea as dressing the same makes the night out more enjoyable unless you don’t want to be associated with your drunken uncle who keeps falling over! Let’s face it having matching t-shirts with the stag do event printed on makes the whole spectacle that bit more fun and on top of all it is something everyone can take away with them to remember the occasion- or a reminder of your stupidity for downing that yard of ale!

No doubt if the stag party goes according to plan no one will remember anything, so how nice will it be to have a t-shirt to commemorate the event…even if it does need a good wash.

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