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Last-Minute Halloween Hacks

Halloween is literally around the corner so that means fancy dress is in order. But we know that with our busy life styles, you might have forgotten to get it sorted.

Maybe you are heading on a night out with your mates and need a last-minute creepy costume. Or perhaps the kids are desperate to go trick or treating and it’s your job to get them looking fab. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to see our top 3 last minute DIY Halloween hacks.


It might seem obvious, but a zombie is a super easy way to get an ace last-minute creepy Halloween look. it works for kids, teens and adults and you can literally have this costume sorted in seconds!

What you need:

  • Old clothes
  • Scissors
  • Red paint/food colouring
  • Talc
  • Dark eyeshadow

First things first, grab some old clothes from the back of the wardrobe. You know the ones… That baggy tee that you never returned or that ancient pair of jeans you swore you would wear someday. Well today is the day! All you need to do is cut them up. Tear them, rip them, slice them… however you want to do it. The point is they are ripped. You need to make them look old and shredded, as if you have just emerged from the ground.

If you really can’t find an old tee you are willing to destroy, then just buy one. You can get tees super cheap and quick. We have loads on our site but why not try this Valueweight t-shirt.

Next add some colour to make it look a bit more authentic. To get you looking like you are covered in blood, you can literally just splash red ink, paint or water colour all over the clothing. But if you aren’t a budding artist, you might not have paint. So, our hack for you, is to use food colouring (it works just as well). Putting it in an empty spray bottle can get some realistic splash effects. Finally, you can add some little touches to your face to bring the zombie to life. Find some talc and cover your skin to get that dead look. I also find adding a dark eyeshadow to the shadows of your face (under the eyes, cheek bones, under the chin) can really make a difference. It’s that simple!


The next one is a little less creepy but can work great for kids.

What you need:

  • Fish net tights
  • Pearls
  • Shiny/blue/green clothes
  • Green eyeshadow

The main part of this costume involves tights. But you won’t be wearing them. You can use them as a stencil to give yourself or your kids scales! Simply place them over your face, arms, legs etc and apply blue or green eyeshadow over the top. When you remove the tights, you will have your very own set of scales! There’re loads of tutorials on YouTube of this but we recommend you don’t cover yourself in scales. Just add patches to make it look really affective in less time.

That’s the hard part (and it’s pretty easy). Next just grab any green, blue or shiny clothing you already own and throw together some sort of aquatic outfit. Adding a set of pearls can give it a nice finishing touch. If you have a little extra time you could superglue beads, sequins and pearls to your clothing but it’s definitely not a necessity.


This final Halloween hack is super simple and really cute for the whole family!

What you need:

  • An orange jumper/tee
  • Black duct tape
  • Scissors

What do you think of when you say Halloween? I don’t know about you, but I think pumpkin. So why not dress the whole family as pumpkins. This super easy Halloween hack will get your fancy dress sorted in literally seconds. First find yourself an orange t-shirt. If you don’t have one lying around the house, then order one from us! This electric orange kids and adults tees should do the trick.

Next step get your duct tape and scissors (you might need a pen too). Simply cut out a pumpkin design from the tape. Cut two eyes, a nose and a spooky looking mouth and stick them on the front or back of the tee. That’s it!

Halloween sorted!

So, there you have it! Three perfectly spooky Halloween costume hacks. For all you last minute busy people who love Halloween but don’t have much time to spare, your costume is sorted.

But while you remember, why not get next years costume sorted now? Make a personalised Halloween costume with us at Banana Moon. If you want to look truly unique next Halloween, design your own spooky tee, hoodie, onesie… whatever you want.

Simply send us your designs and we will do the rest!
Head over to our site to start creating!

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