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Keep Calm and Try Something Different

For months now, we have had an influx of Keep Calm t-shirts. Whether we are keeping calm and going to Wembley, keeping calm and playing the violin, or even keeping calm and doing the Gangnam style, here at Banana Moon, we have quite literally seen it all. When the “keep calm” movement took off a couple of years ago, I have to admit, I was hooked myself, and was guilty of entering into it by buying an “essential” Keep Calm and put the kettle on poster for my kitchen. But now I ask myself, what has made this simple war time poster so popular?

As a nation, we are hooked on all things vintage, the fashion, the furniture, the art. But why is it we have to “keep calm”. Why aren’t we broadcasting that “we can do it”, or “making do and mend”?

Now I am certainly not saying that the keep calm movement has had its day, quite the contrary. I think it is here to stay for a while. I am simply saying lets broaden our horizons, let’s try something different.

As one of the designers at Banana Moon, it is my job to take your ideas and make a useable print or embroidery from it. Having done so many keep calm prints, I can honestly say we have perfected the process, and can very confidently produce final garments of a great standard. We have a great quality image of the crown, the perfect font, ready to use for whatever you are keeping calm and doing, and rolls upon rolls of white vinyl. But it doesn’t stop there.

Vinyl doesn’t have to be 1 colour. Over the past couple of years, the vinyl industry has seen a massive development in what effects it can offer, such as denim, flock, metallic, twill and glitter. We can even get glow in the dark, reflective and animal print. The possibilities are quite literally endless. These vinyl’s offer us the chance to create a great vintage look, and I would love the chance to use these effects on some of your personalised clothing. Take a look at some of the great vinyl’s we offer, and the clever ways they have been used.

By mixing and matching these vinyl’s, and cleverly selecting a font, it is so easy to create a vintage look that can rival the Keep Calm design.

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