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How to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe

It is our firm belief that age is just a number and everyone is free to dress however they feel, yet we know from first-hand experience that we all need a helping hand sometimes with the latest fashions and avoiding a faux pas.

So we’ve compiled a list of top tips to get you looking and feeling fabulous. We’ve included several simple and affordable ways to jazz up your wardrobe without replacing the main bulk.

Must-have staples

There are several items that are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. They form a great base for all occasions and can be worn from outfit to outfit with ease.

A good pair of black jeans are a great place to start when expanding your wardrobe. They can be worn with a multitude of outfits and across several occasions – from the office to the dancefloor.

Another stand out staple is a pair of decent chunky heeled ankle boots. They can easily elevate a casual outfit to a smarter look and can be worn with basically anything – pants, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits – you name it! They offer more versatility than a longer, calf or thigh high, boot whilst still giving your outfit that bit of lift.

Little Black Dress (LBD) – A staple older than time. For the days when you just want to feel fab. The little black dress is a true classic, and a vital part of anyone’s wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down, depending on how you feel, with just a few simple accessories. Wear with a pair of black heels and silver jewellery for a classy, elegant style; or with a leather jacket and a red lip for a cool, chic look.

A leather jacket can really make an outfit, so simple yet so present. A very versatile piece with so much personality. This jacket has the power to make you feel like the boss you were born to be.


Another way to amplify an outfit with ease is to pair with the perfect accessories. Shoes, bags and jewellery can all be affective in tying an outfit together. Plainer, block coloured accessories are great paired with more stand-out outfits. We love a bold two-piece or jumpsuit paired with co-ordinating accessories, whether it be shoes, belts or bags. We find, in terms of jewellery (although we love layered necklace looks) that less is always more. A couple of pieces of jewellery is plenty enough to bring attention, without looking over crowded.

Be different

We love when someone really steals the show by being themselves, expressing who they are through their clothing choices. If you like something, wear it! We also believe that clothes should never lose their functionality, bring back some youthfulness and usefulness to your wardrobe with these few ideas.

Rucksacks are back. When I say rucksack you probably think of a school child or a hiker but, in reality, more and more people are turning to rucksacks over handbags. They offer many benefits and don’t have to be like the school backpack you’re imaging. Rucksacks can really help with back and shoulder problems, spreading the weight more evenly and giving better support, they also free up your hands and well, they are just more practical. Recently due to the surge in sales for backpacks, a vast range of sizes and materials have become available on the market. We’re loving faux fur and leather at the minute, bringing a bit of fun to any outfit.

The same can be said for trainers and other flat shoes, with over half (57%) quite rightly agreeing they are appropriate at any age. There’s nothing like a classic pair of converse or other plimsoles to bring a bit of youth to your wardrobe. Practical and chic they are perfect for a casual day paired with skinny jeans. There are many trainers out there which many people believe are more suited for a younger audience, but we believe there are a few that can be worn by everyone!

Don’t be afraid to be bold

You’d be surprised how confident you can feel in a statement piece. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colours and items that are just a bit out there!

We’re big fans of animal print at any age! And a third of you agreed with us in our survey – shale on the rest of you!. Snake print is the number one go-to for this category. It exudes style and is by the far the most elegant of the animal prints. You still can’t go wrong with leopard – maybe even a bit of zebra or giraffe, depending on how daring you’re feeling. Animal print jackets and bags are at the height of fashion currently, with print blouses and shoes being somewhat left behind.

We hope these tips have inspired you to feel confident and to experiment with your clothing. If you’re feeling inspired to personalise your own clothing, our website has many options for you to explore – the perfect way to ensure you’re always one of a kind.

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