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Go Team Panda!

Race for LifeLike many women, I want to have the body of the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Mila Kunis, whilst at the same time, sitting at home on my sofa, eating chocolate. As we all know, that never works. For quite a while, I have needed the motivation to get up and get active, yet the thought of squeezing into a pair of Lycra jogging bottoms absolutely frightens the life out of me. A couple of week ago however, I finally got the motivation I needed to get going. Having had maybe a glass too many of wine, I was asked by 2 very good friends of mine, to join them in running (yes running), in this years Cancer Research Race For Life 5km. Instantly I agreed, forming Team Panda, only realizing the morning after exactly what I had committed to. Now 5km might not seem like a long distance to most people, but for a self-confessed couch potato like myself, it may as well be a 26 mile marathon. Not one to let my team down, that very morning I dusted off my old trainers and set off on what would be my first training session, with a little help from my encouraging husband and newly downloaded podcast- NHS Couch to 5k. Until 2 weeks ago, I had never heard of this. Basically, the free download includes various 30 minute training programmes, designed to increase your running ability from week to week, and get you running 5k in 9 weeks. I’ll admit, I was sceptical, however, after surviving the first “run”, I was hooked, if not extremely exhausted. Why not take a look at the link below to find out more about this NHS training programme.


Over the following days, Team Panda (don’t ask about the name… I have no idea) started accumulating sponsorship money, and after just a week, we had raised a fantastic £300. With each and every donation we receive, I get more and more motivated to train and in 2 month’s time, will definitely be running over the finish line with my friends Hannah and Emma.

I am on week 2 of my running schedule, and have to say, my breathing and pace is a little steadier. Maybe there is hope for me after all. I will keep you updated with my progress, and believe me when I say, if I can do it, anybody can.

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