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How to get served at the bar this Christmas


Whenever Christmas jumpers begin to make an appearance – be it in the office or at the pub – it’s a sure sign that festive season is well and truly underway. And, with so many of us keen to celebrate and catch up with colleagues, friends and family over a drink, there’s no doubt that things are going to start feeling a little bit cramped down at your local bar.

When you’re having a great evening out, waiting ages for a drink can quickly dampen your spirits. Here at Banana Moon, we want to make things as easy as possible this Christmas, so we’ve sourced some expert tips from bartenders across the UK. Not only did we ask what customers shouldn’t do at the bar, we’ve also found out what can help you to get served faster too!

You’ll find our top tips below, along with some basic bar etiquette which, combined, should help you make your way onto your bartender’s nice list this Christmas!

The Don’ts

Don’t want to wait forever for a mulled wine? Whatever you do, avoid the following:

Don’t jump the queue

Even if you just want a glass of water, pushing to the front is never okay. It won’t get you served quicker either – believe it or not, bartenders have a system and they’re aware of who needs to be served next.

Pushing in and being rude, either to other customers or to the bartender, can make getting a drink much harder. Emma, a bartender from Leeds, told us that ‘regardless of how busy it is, I tend to have a good idea of who came to the bar and who’s next. Anyone who is rude will just have to wait longer.’ Uh oh!

Don’t wave your money around

While it’s always a good thing to have your money ready to hand over, waving it around won’t help. As mentioned above, there’s a queuing system and flashing your cash is a huge no-no. In fact, many bartenders find it insulting – we think we would too.

Stop sighing

It might be loud, but bartenders have pretty good hearing. They’ll notice if you’re tutting and sighing when they serve someone around you – so don’t do it. While it’s annoying that you have to wait for a drink, it’ll be equally as annoying for them to have to deal with complaining customers when they’re trying their best. Keep your chin up, and think of Santa Claus!

Don’t act like you know more than the bartender

Ordering a cocktail, but notice an unusual ingredient? If a bar chooses to add a different liqueur to a drink, don’t point out that it’s incorrect. Every business does things differently – if you’d like something changing, ask politely. We’re sure the bartender will be happy to substitute an ingredient to suit your taste!

The Do’s

Keep on your bartender’s good side, and enjoy the perks it can bring!

Prepare your order

For bartenders, there’s nothing worse than serving a customer who has no idea of what they want when you reach them in the queue. When it’s busy, umming and ahhing can slow the entire bar down – make sure you know what you, and your friends, want in advance.

Be polite

Some people forget their manners on an alcohol-fuelled evening, and bartenders definitely appreciate courteous, polite customers. Waiting patiently, smiling and saying hello can go a long way on your quest to get served.

Pay attention

Even though there’s a queue, the bartender won’t go out of their way to grab your attention. Turn towards them and focus on the bar – chatting to your friend behind you might mean you miss your spot!

Bring your empties back

The small things don’t go unnoticed. If you return your empty glasses to the bar, it can make life so much easier for staff. Jack Edwards, Head Bartender and Mixologist at The Three Swans Hotel, notes that bringing back empties is ‘a great way to get into a bar person’s good books’. It’ll make you stand out, for all the right reasons.

Say Merry Christmas

Bar staff can work extremely long hours, which can feel even worse over Christmas. While you’re having an amazing time, they often end up with shifts that cause them to miss out on the festivities. After you’ve got your drink, wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’ and consider leaving a tip! They’ll remember your kindness, and you could even get served faster the next time you’re at the bar!

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