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Get the look: Inspired by your favourite TV characters

We’ve looked at Google trends over the last 10 years to see which TV show outfits you’ve all been digging, and the results are no surprise! Everyone’s favourite 80’s throwback Stranger Things stole the show (literally) with their double denim and voluptuous hair-do’s. Coming in a close second was Peaky Blinders – the home of looking classy yet gangster. It’s all 3-piece suits and frocks from here on out.

Another popular go to for suit inspiration was the very stylish House of Cards, only this time swapping out dinner gowns for pencil skirts. Smart, clean-cut and lavish, it’s no shock we’re all wishing we had the wardrobe of Claire Underwood.

Game of Thrones offered inspiration and versatility, with many people turning to the fantasy side for cosplay and fancy dress. Who could resist dressing like Jon Snow or the Mother of Dragons for Halloween? If we could turn up to the office in a giant crow feather cape every day we would. Another popular show for cosplay inspiration, Narcos has seen the rise of 70’s drug-lord-esque; think big rings, open floral shirts and chest hair.

Stranger Things

This show has been the absolute epitome of 80’s fashion. Playful, chic and cool, we could all do with one of Steve Harrington’s famous jumpers and a few of Jonathan Byers denim numbers.

It’s all hairspray, horizontal stripes, mom jeans and flannel in this creepy and hilarious show. The show has seen the rise of the lined bomber jacket thanks to Nancy Wheeler and Lucas Sinclair. The Harrington jacket is also clawing its way back inspired by, you guessed it, Steve Harrington – very fitting. Definitely, the easiest of these shows looks to recreate, it’s clear why this has proved to be the most popular look. Well done Netflix.

Peaky Blinders

Even though this show dons fashion from almost a century ago, it has still left a huge impact on 2018 fashion. We’re seeing more and more 1920’s influence on the high street, all thanks to the Shelby boys – bringing back items previously thought to have been left in the dust, even the infamous Newsboy cap has made a comeback (minus the razorblades of course). As you’d expect, main boy Tommy Shelby is the most sought-after, with his immaculate suits and perfect hair.

The only man giving Tommy Shelby a run for his money on the fashion front is our favourite, Alfie Solomon. He brings accessories, baggy clothes, a walking cane and, how could we forget, his famous fedora to the table. The more rugged version of 1920’s gangster, he gives us a real bad boy feel – and we love it!

House of Cards

Claire Underwood is widely regarded as the best-dressed woman on TV. With her tailored designer suits, luxury accessories and heels to die for; she is glamorous, elegant and sophisticated. The entire cast showcases fantastic tailoring, luxurious brands and courtroom chic.

Game of Thrones

The ultimate series if you’re looking for a mix of fantasy and historical fiction, the costumes being a real highlight of the show. Difficult to translate into day-to-day life, many people have been opting to cosplay to recreate their favourite GOT characters.

The show does, however, have some influence on common fashion. Some of the characters hairstyles have proven very popular, although we’re still waiting for Kahl Drogo type beards to take off; one day – let’s keep our fingers crossed. Catelyn and Sansa Stark style braids are in full swing, along with Margaery Tyrell’s ringlets which we couldn’t be happier about.


A Latin look into the 70’s, we’re immediately faced with bold print shirts, leather jackets, aviator sunglasses and moustaches galore. Notorious criminal Pablo Escobar’s character has inspired many people with cosplay and fancy dress, easy and effective. However, like GOT some of the finer details of the show have trickled down into commonplace fashion, we’ve seen a rise in print shirts and chunky accessories.

We’ve not seen too many thick moustaches about which we think is a true shame, I guess some things were just meant to be left in the 70’s.

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