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Fresher’s week returns – Quality Hoodies from Banana Moon

The excitement and nervousness of young people throughout the UK is tangible right now. Those young people desperate to seek a new independent life and those a little more apprehensive but equally ready to take on their next big challenge. Many will travel miles to relocate to their new ‘home’. To that effect, One thing that I can pass on from my experience of university fresher’s week is to:

1. Attend the freshers fayre
2. Sign up to as many clubs and societies as possible
3. Whichever club you enjoy best; stick with it, because you will make some great friends that you will share the next 3 years with.

With any fresher’s week and fresher’s fayre you will see all the ‘established’ students sporting their very own society ‘stash’. If I am honest this is one of the most exciting parts of joining a new society – The day when you order and receive your very own personalised hoodie or Club Kit, is the day you finally belong. Other people now know who you represent and you can wear your society hoodie with pride around campus. As those wise people at the Fresher’s Fayre will tell you, that first week’s decision to join a society can make so much impact on your 3/4 years at uni. There are clubs and societies for every sport and every hobbie.

At Banana Moon, we deal with 1000’s of student scoieties every year so we know how to make your hoodies the best they can be. The JH001 College Hoodie is always a great choice, done in 45 different colours. The same brand AWDis also produce the JH003 Varsty 2-tone Hoodie and the JH055 Girlie Zipped Hoodie. With the highest quality in-house embroidery and printing equipment in a 5,000 sq.ft unit, we have the capacity to provide your society stash quickly and efficiently now matter how large or small your society.

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