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Fresher’s Week Hoodies 2011

Banana MoonIt seems like only two minutes ago I was discussing the return of the Fresher’s last year. It has been quite a period since then. Banana Moon continue to expand our capacity to not only produce more personalised hoodies and t-shirts etc, but to develop the latest printing and embroidery techniques which will keep your course/societies hoodies ahead of the rest in terms of originality (see the applique design on the right). With heavy investment in new production facilities we can literally achieve pretty much any idea you may have to set your personalised clothing from the rest. In terms of production, we are constantly striving to bring our turnaround times down and more orders are flying out of Banana Moon’s door than ever before due to bigger capacity and increased efficiency.

It is for these reasons why we suit the student market so well. We don’t rest on our laurels and are always looking to keep improving year on year. We provided 1000’s of students with a great service last year be it for their society stash or for their course farewell memorabilia. Banana Moon’s brand essence is to provide value through great service and great quality products. Have a look at our testimonials received on a daily basis and comments on quality and service are very prevalent.

So back to Fresher’s week, it’s the most frantic period in the student calendar. New courses begin but more importantly societies and sports teams need their intake of new students to enhance the quality and experience but also to know that a society is in good hands for the future. A society needs to stand out, be it through promotional T-shirts with an eye-catching print on or through the committee hoodies which will be offered as stash during the year.

Our low price printed t-shirts can be found here. Those who prefer to get their hoodies organised before anyone else, should visit our hoodies page. Here you will find the options of embroidered logos, printed logos and individual nicknames. For those who want to explore some of our new techniques shown in the pictures, contact us here