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Freshers Wardrobe Essentials

Freshers week is just around the corner so I’m sure all new students are eager to jump into the best year of their lives. But! Uni can be daunting. There’s so many things to think about; should I join a society? Will I like my flatmates?? How do I cook??? Etc… It can be overwhelming. But there’s one question you won’t need to fret about: What do I wear? Having been a first year not so long ago, I know what your fresher’s wardrobe should look like. I have compiled your Uni clothing essentials (all you need to survive first year).


First up is the hoodie. It seems obvious, but it definitely deserves a mention. I could not have survived Uni without this is in my wardrobe. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be comfy! A pull over, warm, cosy hoodie, like this one, is perfect for lounging around (which you will do a lot of). I found it actually became my ‘go to’ essay writing outfit. I wore hoodies for days on end, while revising or frantically typing an essay which I clearly should’ve started earlier… For some reason putting on your fave hoodie and getting a giant cup of tea makes assignments that little bit less tedious.

Hoodies are also a must for winter lectures! Dragging yourself out of bed for that 9am lecture feels like the worst thing ever when it’s cold. But roll out of bed 10 minutes before your lecture and chuck on a hoodie, sorted! This cosmic blend hoodie is perfect because it has big pockets to keep your hands warm (and sneak snacks into class), but it’s also pretty stylish.

Laptop bag

This is another lecture essential. You will definitely need to take your laptop with you to get down notes as quick as possible. I made the mistake of trying to write notes by hand… no. I very quickly realised lecturers do not slow down to let you copy stuff off the screen. You’ve got to be super quick, so just type it. But if you’ve got your laptop then you will need a bag to put it in. I love this laptop backpack and you will too! This one has padded compartments inside, so your laptop won’t break if you forget it’s in there and chuck it on the floor (done that before). But it’s also really cute with its vintage look. You can be practical but still look great!

Lounge pants

Next up is the lounge pants. Paired with your hoodie these are great for wearing in your flat. I wouldn’t recommend that you wear these outside… I mean you can if you really want to. Long, baggy lounge pants are ideal for again chilling or studying but to be honest they are your best friend for hangovers. Especially in freshers week, you will most likely become nocturnal. Lounging about all day and not getting dressed until 7pm becomes the norm. You will pretty much live your days in comfy baggy clothes, as you recover from the previous night. So lounge pants are a must. I had some tartan ones like these, which have definitely seen better days.


My final piece of wardrobe advice for you is the beanie. They are a pretty popular fashion item but that’s not why I recommend. This will save you on those early morning lectures, or the day you sleep through your alarm. The beauty of the beanie is that it means you don’t have to do your hair! I don’t know about you but some days I cannot be bothered/don’t have time to brush, style, straighten my hair. So just throw on a beanie and no one will know! Get yourself a stylish one so it looks like you have made effort when in reality you woke up 15 minutes ago. This cuffed beanie is a good one as it comes in loads of colours. I’m loving the burgundy one.


So there you have it. Our guide to Uni wardrobe essentials. But there’s one more thing to think about. Societies! If you join a society or maybe you’re already in one, then you definitely need some personalised kit. Get your team varsity hoodies with your logo on or personalised joggers for training. Whatever society you join, you should shout about it with your wardrobe.

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