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First Date Attire

Wearing a ballgown to the cinema? Dungarees to a dinner-date? You may be turning heads for the wrong reasons.

For many people, first date freak-outs are inevitable. Attempting to realise the holy trinity of outfits; one that makes you feel comfortable, confident and attractive, can sometimes feel like an impossible task. We would like to make this easier for you.

It is our firm belief that you should wear whatever you want, wherever you want! That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to see some useful suggestions of what you might want to avoid wearing to a date, would it? From what to avoid at all costs, to date-appropriate outfits, the people have spoken. First impressions count; don’t let a vest spoil your chances.

Avoid at all costs

Our research has shown several items of clothing which must be avoided. For men, this includes gym clothes and dungarees. In contrast, the female population should side-step wearing cycling shorts or a ball gown to the average date. Uniting the sexes was the humble tracksuit which both men and women voted top of the list of inappropriate items of clothing to wear on a date.

Date-dependant clothing

The research also made clear that dressing appropriately can vary, depending upon the style of date you go on. Shockingly, ballgowns and three-piece suits have no place at the cinema, but your jeans and trainers are safe.

Conversely, if you choose to accompany your date to an expensive restaurant you’re safe to wear a casual shirt and jean combo, or jeans and a nice top, whichever you prefer. Of course, if you are fine-dining, stay clear of sportswear.

In a nutshell

Dress appropriately. Don’t base your decision solely on what makes you look best. You may pop in a three-piece, but you’ll be laughed out of the cinema before the adverts have finished. By dressing appropriately for your surroundings, you’ll feel more at ease with your date.

Make an effort. Try not to dress too casually as this may be misconstrued as a lack of effort, or even disinterest in your date. You want to be comfortable, but in an outfit which shows you want to impress. Moreover, feeling good in what you wear will fill you with confidence, which is key.

The most important thing is what makes you comfortable and confident which will resonate with your date, regardless of what you chose to wear.

And on the off chance you both turn up dressed in full tracksuits, don’t fret; you’re probably meant to be.

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