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February Ski Trips and The Winter Olympics 2014


Well who can believe it, February is here already!

For Banana Moon that can only mean 1 thing !… personalised garments for Mid-Winter family holiday breaks and  half term school ski trips to amazing sounding resorts across Europe and beyond !

This year, ski trips seem to be more popular than ever in the February week long break , especially as the Easter holidays will be in late April meaning not as much snow for ski fanatics to slide down slippery slopes and also because  the Winter Olympics is just on the icy horizon!

So why are so many people deciding to take a winter sports breaks at this time of year rather than go to warmer climates and soaking up the sun?…

Many holiday makers state that the mountains and its surrounding environment give them a break from the stresses of everyday life providing them with much needed fresh air during a long and dismal season of winter in the UK. The “unique panorama of the snow covered mountains” can “calm and sooth” the body and provide an escapism by letting you forget the responsibilities and stresses of your job just by launching yourself downhill on a sledge with friends or having a snowball fight with your kids!  Many parents are choosing to take their families to winter sports resorts as they are suitable for all age groups, help provide much needed exercise and can help the whole family develop a skill that can be perfected and practiced over many years.  It’s also not all about the sport! Ski resorts usually have many other activities to offer  too such as Snowshoeing, dog-sledding, ice-hockey, sledging, shopping, swimming pool, spas and luxury massages…it all sounds idyllic!.. the only down side can be the cost and the risk of injury!

This week sees the start of the XXII Olympic Winter Games (or the 22nd Games if like me you are not good with Roman numerals!) being held between the 7th to 23rd February in the city of Sochi in Russia.  Over 6700 athletes from 88 nations will participate in 98 events in 15 disciplines in 7 winter sports. 

To mark the start of this year’s event I have selected some 2014 Winter Olympic facts for you…

Winter Olympics 2014

–  With 11 new venues with a price tag of $51 billion the Sochi Games has gone into the record books as the most expensive Olympic Games ever held beating the Beijing Summer Olympics that cost $46.5 billion!

– Each gold medal contains 516 grams of silver and 6 grams of gold. Each gold medal is worth $122,000 to the lucky winner!

– Cross Country Skier Bjorn Daehile of Norway remains the Winter Olympian with the most medals with 8 golds and 4 silvers!

– Sochi is a subtropical resort and is known as the ‘Russian Riveria’ where temperatures (even in winter) do not drop below 12°c. Hardcore snow sports are being held in the mountain resort of Krasnaya Polyana where snow machines imported from Finland are on standby just in case of warm weather!

– There will be 6,700 athletes, 88 nations, 2,800 journalists and photographers, 3 billion television viewers worldwide, 25,000 volunteers and 42,000 hotel rooms!

I love the Winter Games! It’s exciting, thrilling and at times can be painful!  These brave men and women will throw themselves down icy mountains, speed round tracks or rinks with sharp blades or flip their selves in the air attempting to land safely on slippery ground all aiming to obtain an Olympic Medal!  I for one take my hat off to them! I have never been skiing (not even to a manmade ski slope) and to be honest have only been skating a handful of times and spent most of my time on my backside (co-ordination is not my strong point!) I think it will be safer for me to stick to being a spectator on television rather than participating in anything too dangerous!

Good luck to all the British Athletes participating in this year’s Games and for those taking a winter ski break enjoy the tranquility but stay safe!

By Kelly Flyde

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