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Extra-curricular activities without the extra expense

When your little ones express an interest in after-school activities, it’s great to be able to watch them getting stuck in to a hobby that they love. But with so many different things to get into – and the associated costs of additional equipment, uniforms and more – how can you encourage your children without it costing a small fortune?

We recently conducted a survey that revealed 28% of adult respondents felt they’ve been put in financial difficulty because of extra-curricular activities, and 44% of parents said there’s too much pressure for these activities. So, whether your child’s into football, cooking, crafts or an orchestra, here we provide our top tips for doing more while spending less.


As much as the kids might despair at having their street cred tarnished, recycling is a great way to save a little money. Whether it’s their older sibling’s like-new sports bag, or an instrument that’s been cast aside, a little up-cycling can go a long way.

Buying second-hand equipment can also save you a lot of money, and you can also consider renting if your child shows an interest in a certain hobby. For example, some schools and organisations will allow you to rent a musical instrument for your child to take home and practice with, rather than you having to spend hundreds on a brand new one.


Joining a team or squad often comes with associated costs. Whether it’s for the upkeep of the pitch, the rental of specialist equipment or simply to keep the team moving, fees are often unavoidable. There are a few ways you can cushion the cost though.

Being an early bird when the time comes to pay up can often help. Signing up early can in some cases come with a discount, so make sure you check out whether the time you pay could make a difference.

As most parents will know, sometimes children just go through phases. Whether it’s listening to a certain type of music, wearing certain clothes or their hobbies, changing their mind is not uncommon. That said, it’s often helpful to opt for a trial run of certain extra-curricular activities before you commit to a solid term of it. You don’t want to be tied into paying for something your child’s not going to enjoy.

Some activities are free

Before getting stuck in to a new hobby, it’s a good idea to check out the local community. Some community centres will run free events for children, and sometimes after-school clubs run for free too.

Make considered purchases

Sometimes, with the rush of modern family life, it can be easy to lose track of where your money’s going, which is why it’s all the more important to make considered purchases. One way you can save a little, is to buy from retailers like us. We offer a wide range of kids’ clothes and equipment for you to choose from: from football kits to gym bags, you’ll find loads of clothing options in our range. And what’s more, you can get it all personalised so it’s bespoke to your kids’ tastes, interests and individual style!

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