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Everyday’s a School Day

Working in design we have a lot of knowledge, not only on the design programmes used but general knowledge too and what we don’t know we soon learn. As we have such a variety of designs coming our way each day it is amazing what you actually do pick up from creating a customer’s design proof.

Even with the few points I have listed below you never know, you may learn something new.

  • Horse ball- I had never heard of horse ball before but when we created a design for a horse ball team we had to look in to it. We learnt that it is a sport on horseback where a ball is handled and points are scored by shooting it through a high net. It came from Argentina in the 1700s. Originally a live duck was used instead of the six-handled ball which is used in the modern sport.


  • Men and women’s garments- Did you know that depending on whether you are a male or female your clothes will button up differently. I knew this was the case but didn’t know why. Well this is due to the fact that during the 17th century, when buttons first appeared, they were seen only on garments of the wealthy. At that time it was the custom for rich men to dress themselves and for women to be dressed by servants and so this is why women’s garments button up the opposite way so that the can be dressed.



  • Geography and flags- now anyone who knows me will know my geography isn’t brilliant! However since joining Banana Moon I have certainly learnt a lot more about flags and countries as many designs are for trips to places around the world.




  • Pangrams- A Pangram which is Greek for “every letter”) is a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once. The most famous pangram, used for displaying font examples is ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’. I had always known the font pangram but until I was told didn’t realise it was used because it includes all of the letters of the alphabet.



So that is just a few examples of different things we learn in design on a daily basis and I’m sure with all this general knowledge we would rock as team Banana Moon at a pub quiz. So back to learning I go, keep your interesting designs coming. 

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