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Ethical Policies

WRAP ethical policy used on Banana Moon BandsAfter the terrible disaster in the Bangladesh textile factory last week, a new focus is about to fall on the worldwide textile industry, and its ability to improve conditions for its workers.

I was reading that its workers earn 40 dollars per month on average. Of course there was the terrible fire in the factory at Tazreen Fashions last November as well.

Its not the first disaster and it may not be the last as long as western consumers are happy to pay as little as possible  for t-shirts and clothing. I guess the problem is that if we pay more it still doesn’t always go towards safety and better conditions and better pay but further lines the pockets of unscrupulous entrepreneurs. Maybe the only answer is for closer inspection of premises by western retailers and buyers.

A high percentage of Banana Moons garments are from WRAP approved factories supplied by top brands in the Far East. Brands such as Awdis who supply the famous college -JH001 and varsity- JH003 hoodies use only WRAP approved factories as indeed does anything produced by our own label hoodies.

WRAP is worldwide responsible accredited production. It is the worlds largest facility certification programme mainly focused on the apparel, footwear and sewn products sectors.Its principles include no child labour, prohibition of abuse or harassment, limited hours of work , and no discrimination, and stringent environmental and health and safety standards.

Every brand we use has to have an approved ethical policy. What we would like to see in the future is all brands in the promotional industry go over to WRAP approved factories even if it does cost more. That way, disasters like the ones mentioned earlier will become a thing of the past , hopefully.


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