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Employee Clothing

Cool, comfy and professional — is your company clothing designed for success?

The best workwear uniforms blend comfort, style and practicality — while the worst wind up workers so much that they want to call the fashion police.

Company clothing has to strike the right balance between suiting employees and projecting a positive public image — all for the best price possible.

So if you’re planning to kit out your staff, here are some top tips on colour, cut and logo branding.


Colours have close emotional connections to people that can be highly personal, so there are no strict rules about individual colours having associations that ring true with everyone.

But studies into the psychology of colour suggest certain shades do connect with traits — red is broadly associated with danger and brown with ruggedness, for example.

What might be more important when choosing kit colours is making sure your main colour complements your brand values — so if ‘simplicity’ is important to you, loud clashing colours might not be a good match.

Men and women have slightly different colour preferences too — worth bearing in mind if your offering is aimed at one gender.


The cut and style of your company clothing will affect how comfortable they feel and the way they match your brand personality.

So Virgin Atlantic’s iconic red uniforms combine professionalism with a hint of edgy glamour, while the earthy-coloured work shirt and cargo shorts of delivery giants UPS underline concepts of efficiency, dynamism and hard work.

We don’t know if the huge hats and loud shirts favoured by Hotdog on a Stick are popular with employees, but they do stand out from the crowd.

And the coolest fictional uniform has to be the Star Wars Stormtrooper ensemble — if your day job is conquering galaxies far, far away, you might as well look cool doing it.


Logos can be a great way of imprinting your branding in customer’s minds and simplicity is usually the key.

Iconic brand logos can be purely graphic, totally textual, or a clever combination of both — but there’s always something memorable about them.

The McDonald’s golden arches were originally an architectural feature designed to make the company’s restaurants memorable — the two arches then morphed into the iconic ‘M’ symbol that’s instantly associated with chips and burgers.

And the Amazon logo cleverly incorporates an arrow connecting A – Z, emphasising their huge product range and dynamic delivery.

Whether you’re creating tasty cuisine, conquering the corporate world or fighting intergalactic battles, we hope these company clothing tips make it easier to choose the right kit for staff.

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