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Embroidered Polo Shirts for White Rose Aikikai

One of our very longstanding customers, White Rose Aikikai went on a special trip to Singapore and Malaysia recently. Sensei Shane Riley kindly organised these photos for us to see; Both of the Aikido training but also of the White Rose Aikikai group wearing their embroidered polo shirts and fleeces on their trip.

We always love to see Sensei Riley here at the Banana Moon offices when he comes to visit, and we are always thrilled to hear of some the amazing stories he has from travelling round the world for his training.

Below are the brilliant photos of the trip, and if you want to read more about White Rose Aikikai then please visit their website here to find out more about this Japanese martial art.

Please click on the photos to enlarge them…

The White Rose Aikikai Team

 White Rose Aikikai 3White Rose Aikikai Trip to Singapore and MalaysiaSensei Shane Riley

The White Rose Aikikai Team 2

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