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Embroidered Fleeces – Fusion Synchronized Skating Team

Fusion Synchronized Skating wearing Banana Moon FleecesA longstanding customer of ours kindly sent through a photo of the team wearing their embroidered fleeces recently. Fusion Synchronized Skating from Bracknell wore these embroidered fleeces to an event recently. They chose the Fruit of the Loom SS51M in royal blue and had their embroidered logo and embroidered names under the logo.

Here is a little bit more information about the details of synchronized skating:

Synchronized skating is a competitive sport involving a team of 12 and 24 skaters who perform highly practised group moves in perfect unison to music. In fast-paced routines, skaters form circles, lines, blocks, wheels and intersections choreographed to allow for expression and interpretation of the music. Teams are judged on these elements in addition to their speed, program difficulty, style and artistic expression. Synchronized skating combines the beauty, elegance and difficulty of freestyle skating with the advantages and excitement of a team sport.

Thanks very much for sending this through guys!