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Embroidered Clothing For The Singer Car Club – Yorkshire

We recently produced an order for The Singer Car Owners Club – Yorkshire Section. They were so pleased with the design and embroidered clothing that they provided us with some wonderful feedback and superb picture. The members of the club spend so much time and effort in the upkeep of these fantastic cars that it means everything to them that their logo is absolutely spot on and represents the Singer accurately. We provide orders for many organisations like this where the cause is of huge significance, so we always put so much effort into making each order as good as we possibly can. Please read below…….

– The Banana Moon Experience

The logo design was adapted from a photograph image of a 1930’s Singer sports car belonging to one of the members, with suitable wording added to the image. The idea for the logo and photograph of a Singer car was supplied by SOC Leeds Area Contact, Graham Smith. Banana Moon developed the idea using our state-of-the-art digitising process into the finished logo template, which after one or two minor changes was used for embroidering the garments.

“I was blown away when I was sent the proof image of the logo – the detail and clarity of the car was fantastic. I was very impressed with the care, detail and accuracy that had been captured in the image of the car on the logo”.

The first order placed with Banana Moon was delivered in time to give to car club members attending the Newby Hall Classic Car Rally in July. Everyone was highly delighted with the quality of the garments and especially the Singer car club logo. So much so that most of the spare items were quickly sold, and a further order was placed with Banana Moon for additional items.

“I want to thank everyone at Banana Moon for doing such a fantastic job, the friendly service, and providing the goods so quickly”. Graham added, “I can’t recommend them highly enough”.

– About Singer Cars

Singer cars were produced from the early 1900s up to 1970. The best known cars were the Le Mans and Roadster models built before 1956 when Singer Motors were a separate company. Later cars built when Singer were part of the Rootes Group included the Gazelle, Vogue and Chamois models. The Singer name was dropped in 1970, with the other car makes of the Rootes Group eventually becoming part of Peugeot.

The photo shows members wearing their new club garments, alongside their 1948 and 1950 Singer Roadsters at Newby Hall.

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