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Ee-by-gum We Love Yorkshire

Ey-up! Last week we have celebrated an important day in the English calendar. Yorkshire Day!

When you think of Yorkshire what springs to mind?… probably the clichés… Whippets, Flat caps, Wrinkled stockings or Yorkshire Terriers!

For me it’s the beautiful landscape, friendly people and strong passion and proudness displayed among the Yorkshire folk for the place they live.  As you know I have a visa to stay in Yorkshire as I am from ‘Super Surrey’ but have been here 10 years and can honestly say Yorkshire is where I consider to be my home.  I live in ‘God’s own county’ have a ‘Tyke’ for a husband and 2 little Yorkshire Puddings who make me laugh on a daily basis with their strong West Yorkshire dialects and sayings.  I can even tell the difference between a West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire accent, now that’s not bad for a Southerner! Yorkshire is a unique and special place.

Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK- traditionally divided into three ridings – North Riding, East Riding and West Riding – each with their own identity, it covers 6000 square miles in area (almost twice the size of Wales!), it has its own flag, its own unofficial anthem and is famous for its Brass Bands, Yorkshire Tea, Parkin, Wensleydale cheese and Pontefract cakes to name but a few!

Yorkshire Day is special day for the county, it is a celebration of all things Yorkshire! This celebratory day is held on the 1st August every year which also coincides with the Battle of Minden (where Yorkshire Soldiers ensured an iconic victory and went into battle with white roses in their hats (the county’s symbol) and repelled the attacks of French cavalry in 1759!) A quick history lesson!

Yorkshire Day is a relatively modern celebration- started in 1975 by the Yorkshire Riding society – it is based on Yorkshire’s long and colourful history and was originally created to raise the profile of the county’s proud heritage. The day has massively grown in popularity and now almost every town and village in the county organises an event of some kind.

This year the main celebrations were held in the historic North Yorkshire market town of Skipton, where there was a civic parade, exhibitions, military bands, walks, talks, an opera night and even an urban beach!  Welcome to Yorkshire (the official Yorkshire visitor site) have also re-released the Yorkshire anthem  ‘On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at with a modern twist of a rap which has been produced and sung by an all Yorkshire star line up.  Have a listen by clicking on the link! http://www.youtube.com/user/welcometoyorkshire .

Here at Banana Moon we are proud to say WE LOVE YORKSHIRE!  All the staff (with myself the only exception) are Yorkshire born and bred.  Be proud of your region! Why not declare your love for your county, town or village with a Personalised garment.

I am currently campaigning for the staff to hold a Cockney Day in my honour with traditional Pearly King and Queen outfits, jellied eels and doing the Lambeth Walk but so far no one is in support!

I will keep up my crusade but for now always remember…

‘Ear all, see all, say nowt;

Eyt all, sup all, pay nowt;

And if th’ivver tha does owt fer nowt –

Allus do it fer thissen!

(If you need translation of this ask a true Yorkshire man or woman!!!)

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