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The Fringe is Here!

Edinburgh fringe is almost here and we are starting to see lots of weird and wonderful designs come through, in preparation for the festival. Musicians, clubs, shows and venues are all preparing to take centre stage as the anticipation builds. In August thousands will fill the seats and line the streets to see the incredible performances. But for those of you that are bewildered by the concept of the fringe, not to worry. I will fill you in on the ‘need to know’ of this exciting annual event.

What is the fringe?

Every year in August, Edinburgh becomes one huge stage for all sorts of wonderful and strange art. That was a figure of speech, they don’t actually place a giant stage over the whole city. What I mean is that every theatre, street and venue plays host to a huge variety of performances. Everything from poetry to circus can be seen in Edinburgh at this time of year.

The fringe its self describes the 3 week festival as an “explosion of creative energy from around the globe”. Sounds pretty exciting to me. If anyone thinks this is another small and uninteresting event, then you are most definitely mistaken. In 2017 there were over 53,ooo performances and almost 3,500 shows! How they squeeze all that into 21 days I don’t know.

How did it happen?

The next question is why. Why and how did this incredible tradition begin. Well it’s a funny story actually. The original Edinburgh international festival was actually invaded in 1947, by eight groups of uninvited performers, desperate to show off their skills. Unsurprisingly they were met with hostility and cast out. But did that stop them? No! they stood their ground and began performing on the fringe of the festival. That’s not only how the fringe started but also how it got its name. Since that moment of spontaneous art, thousands of performers and musicians have flooded the festival, creating a truly free creative experience which grows year on year.

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