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Divorce T-Shirts

Has anyone heard of the recent phenomenon of divorce parties? This may sound strange but the idea behind it is to celebrate the chance to begin a new era in one’s life. This is through organising divorce parties with a group of friends and even having special divorce cakes made and divorce slogan printed t-shirts. In many ways it is the opposite of the hen party. I heard of one woman who organised a night out one weekend wearing cheap wedding dresses in order to celebrate her divorce.

An entrepreneur in Britain has even started a divorce trade show where people can actually go and organise the products they want to have at their divorce parties. Now in its second year the event has grown significantly. Maybe Banana Moon will be setting up a personalised clothing stall there in the future.

Another perhaps less drastic interpretation of the divorce party is where the ex-couple co-host an event with their family and friends which celebrates the life they shared together and asks for support as they embark on their new single lives. This seems a lot more civilised and perhaps this can only be done in certain circumstances where the split is amicable. I guess for the majority, the divorce party’s popularity will hinge on the more cynical reasons for a split. If this is the case, I wonder what kind of designs we may get sent through for embroidered and printed divorce t-shirts. Rumours of brides with boxing gloves may become a reality. Maybe some women might even fancy a divorce hoodie to wear to the shops!

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