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A day in the life of Nikki

Meet Nikki, our creative director. She oversees our wonderful design team and she has been here “forever!” (literally since day one).

My typical day

At the beginning of each day I will organise the work requiring proofing that day so that each team member can choose from orders that suit their capability. I will deal with approvals for any designs that I have personally digitised & proofed out & check through the new orders to ensure that what has been requested is possible.

Mid-morning, I attend a production meeting with the other heads of departments to discuss what orders are coming through, if there are any specific details that need to be passed on for any of these orders & just a general discussion about each department – are we at capacity in a particular area, for example.

As new orders are coming through all day, I try to keep on top of these as much as possible. I also offer training support to our apprentices whilst looking at new ideas & training courses we can introduce.

Why is my job important?

My job is important because we need to ensure that what a customer has requested is possible & can be achieved using the personalisation method chosen & on the garment requested. If we can identify any potential issues early enough, we can contact the customer quickly & suggest a solution.

Offering support to the apprentices is vital for the progression of their training &, through years of hands on experience, I have the ability to offer this.

My favourite part of my role

I really like when a customer has sent through a hand-drawn image to be digitised & they pretty much give us free reign to create a logo based on their general idea. Seeing the final result on the embroidery machines, sewing out on a garment never fails to impress me – no matter how many times I have previously seen designs run through.

My best Banana Moon memory

My family & I were lucky enough to be invited to RAF Marham a couple of years back. We have been producing orders for IX (B) Sqn at RAF Marham for a number of years & were invited to attend their Friends & Family day. It was an amazing experience, being given access to the pre-flight briefing, seeing inside the cockpit of a Tornado & being treated to an incredible air-show which included a spectacular aerobatics display from the Red Arrows. A real day to remember & a memory my family & I will cherish!

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