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Clothes washing hacks – how to get the best out of your wardrobe

The weekly wash – it’s a household chore that’s as familiar as the back of your hand. We’ve all got the basics down – wash coloured clothes together, darks with other darks and always check for rogue red socks in your whites wash!

At Banana Moon, we conducted a survey to find out the nation’s clothes washing habits and discovered that as many as 28% of people will wear the same pair of jeans five times or more before adding them to the wash, while 10% of people surveyed would wear a t-shirt five times or more before it’s destined for the laundry bin.

In light of this, we want to make the weekly wash load simple, so have gathered our top tips and hacks for helping make your wardrobe not only smell great, but last a little longer too.

Denims – to wash or not to wash?

Jeans and other denims have always been a bit of a query when it comes to how often you should wash them. Some may swear by preserving the design and never washing them, while others may go for a wash per wear! While it’s true that to keep jeans looking smart you should wash them as little as possible, here are a few more top tips to get the most out of them:

  • Always turn jeans inside-out before washing to preserve their colour
  • Don’t overload your machine – denims tend to be heavier, and will get a more even wash and dry if the drum isn’t crammed full
  • While you might think denim is a hard-wearing, tougher fabric than most, jeans will last longer if you wash them on a gentler, cooler cycle, and dry them flat or on a hanger where possible to avoid too much tumble dryer heat (which can make them shrink).

Keeping your whites bright

A key trick in helping to keep your whites bright is to properly separate them from other colours. While it might be tempting to lump your white tops in with peachy or yellow shades, it’s better to have a solely white wash. Here are a few more tricks worth trying:

  • Make sure your washing machine is clean – every few months or so, make sure the soap tray is free from grime, and set your washer going without any clothes or detergent. A build-up of grot in your machine can show on your whites.
  • Don’t over-do it on the detergent – it can end up staying on your clothes, which then attracts more dirt.

Delicates – is there such a thing?

In short, yes. Delicates are items that need a little extra care when cleaning, such as lingerie, fine knits and other woollen items. But how do you care for them?

  • In an ideal world, you’d wash these delicate items by hand, with warm-ish water and a detergent specifically for this purpose. When hand-washing, you should be careful not to scrub, twist or ring out these fabrics, as they can become misshapen or damaged. Simply soak, knead, rinse well in clean water, gently squeeze excess water out and lay flat in a warm place to dry (somewhere like the airing cupboard if you have one).
  • If you need to add these to your weekly wash, try investing in some laundry bags, making sure you’ve fastened any hooks so they don’t get caught on other delicates in the same bag.
  • Reshape delicate items when they’re wet, and do your best to find a place for them to dry flat.
  • If you haven’t got a laundry bag, a silk pillow case is a great option to protect delicate items too.

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