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Christmas 2014 at Banana Moon

Banana Moon wearing their Christmas Jumper's with pride

It’s been a really busy start to the Christmas period so far and our order schedule is really filling up. We’ve worked hard in 2014 to improve our systems and efficiency and as a result we are often delivering orders quicker than our stated turnaround time even at this time of year.

We do continue to encourage people to make their orders as early as possible however, as the inevitable rush occurs at the beginning of December we will be working really hard to deliver all of the orders in time for Christmas.

We’re getting pretty excited here at Banana Moon, in no small part down to the brilliant range of festive items available from Christmas jumpers, through to stockings and santa onesies. We’re looking forward to getting WHAM on the radio and having our Christmas jumper day, which is surely becoming the staple of any office’s Christmas celebrations!

Here is me last year in my Christmas jumper. This year I’ve upped the stakes slightly and added a second jumper to the collection so we’ll be sure to get photos of the team posted on our Facebook and Twitter in December.

For now, just remember everyone, order early to avoid adding ‘personalised clothing order…AAARRRGGGHH’ to your last minute to do list.


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