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Cheerleading Hoodies – Britain embraces cheerleading

Did you know there are around 275,000 registered cheerleading members in the UK? This doesn’t even begin to count those not belonging to the main cheerleading bodies. Each year American culture seems to become more integrated into Britain. The popularity of the NFL when live matches are played over here, the huge film and television phenomenons such as Glee and High School Musical seem to have a great influence on British education. We are buying into the ‘varsity’ culture of sports and traditions of our American counterparts. Only a few years ago, our school leaver’s ball was called…..well a leaver’s ball! Now they have started calling it ‘The Prom’. Girl’s spend hundreds on their dress and arrive in limousines!

With this shift in educational and sporting trends, it’s important that the personalised clothing industry keeps up. It may not be the traditional British girl’s sport that netball is but it keeps young girls involves in sport and exercise, which surely can only be a good thing. Banana Moon prides itself on being able to react and change with the latest trends. We are always buying into and learning the latest processes of personalisation. From different print colours like sparkles and glitters, to the diamante jewelled prints often seen on the high street. We also pride ourselves on keeping our product range with the latest trends. We now have a devoted area for dancewear including sweatpants, short dance shorts, and a large range of modern girlie hoodies.

Remember ‘what you wear, has an impact’ so if we can help with getting your cheerleading or dance club looking great, whilst travelling to events and also taking part, then contact us at sales@bananamoon.co.uk

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