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1.5 Million British people do this on a regular basis….

It is estimated that it contributed £6million to the UK Economy Last year…

It has seen a 14% increase in bookings from this time in 2012…

What am I talking about….. Caravan and Camping of course!

My Grandad Rich got his first Touring Caravan in the 1950’s.  A picture of his caravan Berkley Argosy 15 is below , it looks very old fashioned now but the at the time it was extremely high tech.  As an escape from his high pressured job as a civil servant in London, Grandad would take the family away on holiday in the caravan (usually to the Devonshire coast).  It was an affordable option to escape the city and have some relaxation time at the seaside.

For me my Camping and Caravan experience started very early on when I was a baby in the early 1980’s when my Mum and Dad decided to buy our first touring caravan.  It was a Monza 1200! For those of you who don’t know anything about caravanning, the 1980’s Monza was a tiny two birth caravan with a foot pump in the floor, to pump the water through to the sink, which was the size of a fish bowl! It had a pull out bed which had just enough room for two people, a 2 ring burner hob, a small gas fire and a fridge with 1 shelf. There wasn’t enough room to swing a cat yet we managed to squeeze in 2 adults, a baby and Labrador puppy!!!  It’s a good job my mums good at puzzles!

As I got older and as my little brother came along we needed bigger holiday accommodation, so we upgraded to a 4 birth Swift Challenger, this was the top notch of caravans, It had a portable toilet, bunk beds, a shower, an oven and was twice the size, it was like the Ferrari of cars, well compare to the Monza it was most luxurious!

I used to love pulling up at a new caravan site we’d never been to before, it was a new adventure!  Mark and I would bundle out the usually hot car, Dad would get out our bikes and we would race off to find the kids playground .  We would have made friends with the other kids that were staying there within 5 minutes of getting the jacks down on the caravan! We built dens, raced round the toilet block on our bikes, played swing ball, had barbecues (sometimes in the rain!) had football matches on mass and above all spent some time together as a family and with family friends . We had many wonderful holidays travelling the UK, visiting some wonderful places and meeting lovely people.

With the current financial climate, is said that two out of three families are ditching overseas holidays this year and opting for the new trend of the ‘stay-cation’.  The caravan and camping industry is once again going through a period of renaissance.  Like me most modern British holiday makers  feel a great deal of nostalgia towards caravanning holidays; remembering the fun they had at caravan parks as children, they now want to create these kinds of warm, family memories for their own children. With state of the art modern caravans now more spacious, and coming with all the mod-cons of a holiday apartment. Caravan parks are rivaling holiday resorts in terms of facilities for families, including watersports, workshops, childcare and even have Wi-fi.

There are also new trends in camping….such as Glamping (glamorous camping), dramping (drinking and camping,) gramping (camping with grandkids) and wamping (wet weather camping). People can now stay in pods, gypsy caravans, tipis, yurts, cabins and lodges all made popular by famous celebs glamping it up!

 Banana Moon like to keep up with current trends, so whether you are a Glamper, Camper, Caravanner, Warden or Seasonal Festival Goer,  we have lots of fantastic outerwear and fashion garments that can be personalised to complete the holiday experience.  Take a look and be Happy Campers!

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