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Calling all Animal Lovers! Help Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Hillside Animal SanctuaryRecently Banana Moon have contributed to saving 3 beautiful Highland cattle from the food chain. Please follow the link to see more- https://www.banana-moon-clothing.co.uk/blog/william-hamish-and-dougal-reunited/

Hamish, Dougal and George are all now doing well in their refuge at the wonderful Hillside Farm Sanctuary in Norfolk which deserves everyone’s support.

The sanctuary was founded in 1995 to campaign and to help animals in need. Also most importantly to bring awareness to the millions of animals suffering in the intensive factory farming industry. It is now home to over 2,000 animals and its costs are growing by the day. Recent rescues have been a number of horses from a slaughter house in Cheshire , for example.

We are really sorry to hear that the Sanctuary is struggling for funding and Banana Moon have been called in to help, which we have done immediately. The wet winter has been the problem, and the fields  have become so waterlogged that hundreds of additional large bales of straw have had to be brought in. Also the cold weather has slowed down the new growth of grass in the fields.

Hillside needs all our help now !

Please go on the website and make a donation or buy an item from the shop. www.hillside.org.uk

Even a small donation of £4 can help and make all the difference and help to buy more straw. I wonder if some of our schools or colleges can look into ways they can raise funds for the Sanctuary, for example.

Maybe we can produce garments for fund raising, mainly some cheap printed t-shirts or even host a competition with a prize for the organisation who raises most money. Could you hold a fun run in your school perhaps?

Fergus and Alfie official Banana Moon greeters
Banana Moon’s top greeters Fergus and Alfie

What we do know is that Hillside Sanctuary need all our help now.  Banana Moon love our animals, it is a dog friendly work place (as we work alongside our in house greeters, Alfie and Fergus,daily) and here’s 2,000 plus animal’s in need of urgent help.


The sanctuary manager is Wendy Valentine and her telephone number is 01603-736200, if you want any more information.

Great pics on website, alex