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Brands, Brands and More Brands

Back in 1993 when we started Banana Moon personalised clothing, selling shirts seemed quite a simple practice really.

There was one main brand, Fruit of the Loom, and maybe one or two other lesser names around too. So, if a customer contacted us wanting polos, it was nearly always the SS25M. The colour range was limited, and so for whatever the customer’s purpose, it was always this shirt.It was the same with the t-shirt, the ever popular SS28M value weight shirt, still a popular shirt today by the way just like the SS25M polo shirt.

Today, it is a matter of not just supplying a polo shirt or a t-shirt but it’s a matter of asking all the relevant questions;

– Which brand do you prefer?
– What weight?
– Which colourway?
– What about contrast trim?
– Are they wicking shirts for sport?
– Will they require very large sizes that will match the others?
– Or will there be ladies wanting lady-fit shirts which match the unisex ones?
– Oh, and someone’s toddler is coming along and they need their own hoodie too!

Phew………….These are the situations we must cater for and often each of these criteria will apply to an order. So, what do we do? We sourced new brands and tirelessly expanded our range. We now have well over 80 top brands on the site in 2015.

We also have another 10 brands coming on board in the coming weeks .

Brands like Rab, Helly Hansen, Sols , BLK , Trespass, Mammut, Grays, Gilbert, Gray-Nicholls all in a queue to join our website.

We predict by the end of the year it will be up to 120 top brands and beyond that who knows?

It all makes us wonder of there has ever been a more exciting time to be in the embroidery and Printwear industry.

If there is a brand you would like to see stocked on our website, we would love to know.

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