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Boxercraft Loungewear New to Banana Moon

Boxercraft at Banana MoonBanana Moon are pleased to announce the introduction of another new brand to our range, Boxercraft. This brand is particularly exciting because it provides a number of garments totally different to anything we currently offer. These comfortable lougewear bottoms come in a number of imaginative colour combinations to suit all preferences.

Boxercraft is an American brand established in 1985 and is now available in Great Britain since July 2011. The essence of the brand is college loungewear which is extremely popular on the high street currently. The great thing about loungewear is it can be worn throughout the day, i.e to lectures, to the shops and even worn as pyjamas at night. The styles orginated as underwear which college students took to wearing more and more as everyday leisurewear. This is definitely a trend which has caught on in Britain in recent years as college students look for comfortable clothing to wear. The great thing about the Boxercraft brand is that college clubs and societies can now buy these as team leisurewear items and get them personalised with their team name or slogan. As you can see in the image the pants can be personalised down the leg, on the thigh, across the rear, and even print on the fold over waistbands and tie cords.

The range starts with a Unisex Flannel Pant BX001, which comes in 18 different colours. The BX002 V.I.P Flannel Pant is a more femenine garment which comes in an extra small size and features 6 different colours. The final part of the range is the BX004 Bitty Boxer which is a girls hot short which would be perfect for dance clothing.

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